Do you actually know what you are doing?

As far as we can tell, containing the corona virus seems to depend more on washing hands, rather than wearing surgical masks the whole time. You might think that you know how to wash your hands effectively, but in reality you probably don’t. If you’re anything like me, you probably just act on auto-pilot, based on a bundle of misconceptions and false beliefs.

In case you’d like to check whether you actually do know how to wash your hands, you can find out here.

Exactly the same point applies to intercompany agreements. Many clients and highly experienced TP advisers have a bundle of beliefs about intercompany agreements, how they work, and what’s important – which are in fact completely wrong. That’s why we carry out ‘traffic light’ reviews of sample intercompany agreements (you can see an example here), and why we provide training on the subject (you can find details of our online course here).

In case you’d like some more concrete examples of how we help, you can find a one-pager with mini case studies here.

How to create effective Intercompany Agreements

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