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Add your voice to the ‘TP superheroes’ who want to make it 10x easier for multinational groups to get the intercompany agreements they need

Intercompany Agreements

22 August 2019

Here are some of the comments from one of the ‘transfer pricing superheroes’ who has already participated in a free trial free trial of our new ‘fast track’ online tool, which helps multinational groups to get the intercompany agreements they need for their TP compliance:

“I like the questionnaire a lot. [The draft intercompany agreement] looks good and is right up there in terms of any agreements I have seen.”

Volunteers who participate will not only help us to dramatically reduce the time and cost which multinationals need to invest in creating intercompany agreements, but they are also free to use the resulting agreement for their own organisation (if they are an in-house adviser) or for a client (if they are an adviser in private practice). (Usual cost GBP 1,750 plus VAT if applicable.)

Here’s what you need to do to participate:

1. Send an email to info@lcnlegal.com saying “yes, please send me a link to the questionnaire”.

2. Take 5 minutes to complete an online questionnaire to create an intercompany agreement* as a ‘free trial’, using the link that we’ll send you. When you click the “yes” button at the end to submit the information you have provided, the information will be sent to us, and we will check the draft and send it on to you.

3. Take another 5 minutes to read through the draft, and send us an email with brief feedback on how the process and the draft can be made even better.

* This particular version of the tool is to create an agreement for intercompany business support services which are charged for on a cost plus basis, with a single service provider and single or multiple service recipients. The system reflects OECD guidance and can accommodate multiple service types and multiple allocation keys. It can be used for controlled transactions such as:

· Head office support services

· Back office support services

· Strategic / management services

· Procurement services

· Logistics services

· Marketing services

One of the other early ‘superhero’ volunteers has questioned whether developing this type of tool undervalues the expertise which we are making available as lawyers. In many ways, she’s completely right, because the design of the questionnaires and templates reflects many years’ experience and thousands of hours working on intercompany agreements alongside transfer pricing professionals. But with support from people like you, I believe that everyone can benefit, and together we can help rescue multinationals from shoddy, inappropriate and missing intercompany agreements.

Please participate and email now, so that you can contribute to making the system the best that it can be. Email us saying: “yes, please send me a link to the questionnaire”.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Article by
Paul Sutton
LCN Legal Co-Founder

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