LCN Legal specialises in corporate and investment structures. We aim to be great at doing a few things, not OK at doing a hundred things.

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Group Reorganisations

We work alongside tax and finance professionals to establish and maintain effective legal structures for large corporates.

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  • Corporate simplification
  • Inter-company agreements
  • Group reorganisations

Issue of Quoted Eurobonds to Related Parties – Preliminary Legal Information Request

Intercompany Agreements for Transfer Pricing

We help multinational corporates to put in place intercompany agreements to support their transfer pricing compliance strategy

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  • Designing the form and content of intercompany agreements required to support your transfer pricing compliance
  • Reviewing your existing legal structure and your current portfolio of intercompany agreements
  • Creating a project plan to get you from where you are to where you need to be

Property Investment & Funds

We help property investors and property professionals to create a solid legal foundation for projects such as joint ventures, investment syndicates and funds.

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  • Buying property SPVs
  • Property funds or self-managed syndicates
  • Property joint ventures between developers and investors

Top 5 Ways UK Property Developers can raise Development Finance from Private Investors

HNW Individuals

We help high net worth individuals to manage their legal affairs. including structures for personal investment, investing in businesses and exiting from investments.

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  • Structures for personal investment
  • New investments in businesses
  • Exiting existing investments

Top 5 Ways UK Property Developers can raise Development Finance from Private Investors

Chinese Clients

We have a special focus on helping Chinese business owners to establish businesses or joint ventures in the UK, and to make personal investments in property or businesses.

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  • Setting up a subsidiary or branch in the UK
  • Property investment funds or self-managed syndicates
  • Chinese - UK business joint ventures

LCN Legal为英国开发商与中国投资者举办地产开发融资结构研讨会

Loan Origination & Servicing

We help loan portfolio investors and servicers put in place loan portfolio servicing agreements that are effective and sustainable.

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  • Loan portfolio investment structures
  • Loan servicing

Back-up Servicing Checklist for Marketplace Lending Platforms

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Our team regularly write for some of the industry’s most respected publications. We’ve also created our own Legal Resources to help you kick-start your project.

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