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Free Report: Top 5 Ways UK Property Developers can raise Development Finance from Private Investors

“Access to development capital is the lifeblood of any property developer. For some, it’s the biggest constraint on the growth of their business.”

The challenge of attracting development finance
Although debt is available from banks and alternative lenders, we find that many developers are not aware of the options available to bridge the gap.

In some cases, developers already have relationships with investors, and they just need help to approach them in the right way and formalise the arrangements. Other clients need guidance on how to raise awareness of their projects and attract new investors, without getting in trouble with regulators such as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

Learn from the Top 5 structures used by developers
This report sets out 5 of the most popular structures used by developers to raise capital from private investors. It is distilled from our lawyers’ experience of working on investment structures for over 20 years.

Other variants and options are available, and in practice each structure will need to be tailored to the needs of the developer and investors involved.

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