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Paul Sutton

LCN Legal launches new, simpler way for property developers to raise funds from their existing private investor contacts

LCN Legal has launched a new, simpler way for UK property developers to raise funds from private investors. This approach reduces the up-front costs for developers, and enables them to respond more quickly to opportunities. It should also reduce the time and cost that developers have to spend in negotiations, so that they can focus on the things that …
Leiza Bladd-Symms

LCN Legal publishes new Checklist and Heads of Terms Template for Property Development Joint Ventures

LCN Legal has published a new and updated checklist and heads of terms template designed to support property development joint ventures. This revised document addresses the most common issues to be negotiated between a property developer and a financial investor intending to enter into business together and serves as a guide to ensure that clear commercial …
Xiaofang Sutton

LCN Legal为英国开发商与中国投资者举办地产开发融资结构研讨会

2016年3月17日,LCN Legal为有意投资英国房产开发项目的个人投资者和家族办公室举办了一场有关融资结构的非公开研讨会。该活动需凭邀请函入场,其举办地为伦敦丽兹酒店(Ritz Hotel)。 我们邀请了24名活动嘉宾,其中包括多名房产开发商、中国投资者及家族办公室。他们所代表的机构有:伦敦总部基地(ABP …
Xiaofang Sutton


LCN刚刚公布了一个新的免费指南。该指南是专为正在考虑投资英国房地产开发项目的国际个人投资者和家族办公室撰写的。 您需要考虑: 目标和策略 在与某开发商订立任何类型协议前,进行投资前调查 有关具体项目或提议的可协商内容及交易条款 本指南还概述了对房地产开发项目进行投资时,个人投资者最常用的六种结构。这些结构包括: …