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Paul Sutton

Old Ginger

According to Xiaofang, there’s an old Chinese saying which runs as follows: “The older the ginger, the hotter the spice.” It certainly seems to be true in the tennis world, with Roger Federer’s recent victory at the Australian Open, his 20th Grand Slam, making him the oldest Grand Slam winner in 35 years. It also seems to be true in the world …
Paul Sutton

A duty to pay more tax

  I didn’t manage to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year. But according to the BBC, the British Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell was there, and he said that, the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms should work to maximise the amount of tax their clients pay. It’s easy to dismiss this as out-of-touch craziness. …
Paul Sutton

Sector-focused private discussion groups on intercompany governance and intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance

We will shortly be announcing a series of private discussion groups on the practicalities of intercompany governance and intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance, each focussed on a particular sector, and each for CFOs or similar professionals within multinational groups. The relevant sectors are: Aviation Consulting Marketing and Advertising …