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Paul Sutton

Setting up a private syndicate to invest in UK property – the key terms you need to agree with co-investors

This article is for people who want to set up a private syndicate to invest in UK property. For guidance on choosing the legal structure for this kind of arrangement, click here. In order to set up a syndicate, you will need to agree certain key terms with your co-investors. To begin with, you will probably want to set them out in an informal 1 or 2 …
Paul Sutton

Restoring a company to the register

Sometimes, after a group company has been removed (whether by liquidation or strike off), it is necessary to restore it to the register. This may be because there is some kind of windfall profit, or simply because a pre-existing asset has been overlooked. This article looks at how the procedure works for companies incorporated in England and Wales. …
Paul Sutton

What is a Collective Investment Scheme?

The term ‘collective investment scheme’ (CIS) is an important concept in the context of UK financial services legislation. The activities of establishing, operating or winding up a CIS are regulated in the UK, if carried on by way of business. On that basis, they can only be carried out by a person authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (or …